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We are currently only accepting locally-owned businesses to be on This does not include franchises or chains.

You must be planning to re-open at a later date. We do not feel comfortable selling gift cards to customers for a business that has no plans to reopen their doors after the shutdown.

You must have a way to redeem gift certificates or gift cards.

The merchant pays a 4% transaction fee for the total gift card amount. This is to cover Credit Card Fees, labor, incidentals and anything needed to enable TallyConnected.Com to process sales. The only other cost associated with this agreement is a One-time Setup & Implementation Fee of $25 payable to Outsourced Technology Solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can a Tally Connected gift certificate be used at any registered business? This is not a general “Tally Connected Gift Certificate” that can be used anywhere. Customers will be buying gift certificates to SPECIFIC businesses.
  2. When will I get the money for sold gift certificates? We will send out checks for sold gift certificates every week on Tuesdays. The 4% fee will already be deducted from the check. Every mailed check will come with a report of which gift certificate sales are included in the check and the 4% credit card processing fee.
  3. Do I need to send my customers a gift certificate when I make a sale? NO! We will process all orders and send out gift certificates. DO NOT send your customers any gift cards or certificates to avoid duplicating sales.
  4. How do I know if a gift certificate is legitimate? Every gift certificate sold will have your logo and the Tally Connected logo on it. They will be hand-filled out and signed. DO NOT accept any gift certificates that are not signed by Katie Haggerty or Kyle Mahony. IT IS THE BUSINESS’S RESPONIBILITY TO KEEP TRACK OF SOLD AND REDEEMED GIFT CERTIFICATES. We will send you an email confirming each gift certificate sale and a report with each check. Make sure you have a way to keep track of gift certificate sales.
  5. We have gift cards at our store, can I just send each customer one of our gift cards? We will automatically process and send out gift certificates as orders come in. BUT, as customers come in to use their gift certificates, we highly recommend transferring any additional balance to your own gift card to streamline your accounting and reporting.

Does your business qualify? If so submit the form below to be contacted about joining!